Rotten Crotch

This is a topic I’ve ranted about numerous times before; smelly vaginas. Now, I understand that every girl has some type of odor, whether its good or bad but I’m talking about rancid shit. Like as soon as the jeans you can smell it. No fuck that, if you come within inches of that mother fucker with clothes on, you can smell it. If I can smell that beast while you have clothes on, how the fuck does she not smell it when she goes to the bathroom or takes her clothes off? Since I’ve been cursed in my past with women with raunchy boxes, it’s a very delicate matter. The reason I’m thinking about this at 8 am is because a dude walked past me and smelled like a hot dumpster which lead my filthy mind to vaginas and poof, my thoughts on this epidemic. There is only so much pride a woman can have before going to the gyno to fix her shit. I mean, if it smells like a skunk carried a dead fish in there and went into hibernation, there is something wrong and she needs either antibiotics or Jesus. Thank God I don’t have this problem with the girl I love most because that’d be a damned shame. I could go on but I’m pretty sure I’ve already offended the majority of women but its the sad truth. So ladies, next time you fuck a stranger and he doesn’t call you back, smell yo shit cuz you may have scared him to death…or he can’t get the smell out of his nose. Do yourself and your partner a favor, keep it clean. And clean shaven. We don’t like bushes either. Amen.

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Fatherless Lives

Twelve years old and killed for her bike. Lured into the home by a fifteen year old and murdered by a seventeen year old. What the fuck is wrong with people these days? When I was a teenager, the last thing on my mind was to kill, let alone want to steal someones shit. I don’t know if these brothers had a father in their lives or not, but I’m willing to bet they didn’t. Now, I wasn’t a model child growing up, but who is? Kids get into petty fights and do stupid shit from time to time that leads them to being grounded or spanked or a detention for getting into a fight at school. Discipline. There has to be a masculine presence in a boys life or that boy will become a sure bet to being a real piece of shit. IE: these two mother fuckers. My real father was never around when I was a kid but my mother married a great man who would ultimately become my father. Now that I’m a father myself, I lead my son from what I’ve learned from my father growing up. How to carry myself with dignity and pride, how to treat a lady, how to be a fucking man and not a douchebag. Kids have to be taught right from wrong and when you have a boy that’s going through life without a father/father-figure in it, shit will hit the fan. I’m not saying that only a mother CAN’T raise a boy by herself without that presence, but it will be tough. Getting older, the boy will get bigger and stronger than his mother and through peer pressure and other factors, he will not obey her. What is a little woman going to do to a growing boy that is stronger than her, beat him? No, he’s gonna do whatever the fuck he wants. Mothers get all the praise for raising a child, the man NEEDS to be there and show his son how to be a man. That’s what it all boils down to. Like I said before, a woman could try to show him but its not the same. I could ramble all day about this but I’ll put it this way; the chances of a young man NOT being a total piece of dog shit when he gets older is greater when there is a male figure in his life. Hand off to the women that raise a boy to be a real man but its not common. I may not have a real talent in life or anything like that, but I can guarantee I will raise a man. A damn good one at that. BTW, all of this is complete rambling. No organization of thought. PS ladies; if you are a single mother, for the best interest of your child, find a real man and keep him.

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